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Welcome to Diamond Lake House

Welcome to our exquisite lakeside residence, a charming and spacious lake house that caters to the comfort and well-being of your loved ones. This serene home offers four generously sized bedrooms, ensuring privacy and convenience for all our cherished residents. We take care of your loved one with the same compassion and dedication as if they were part of our own family. Our commitment to care goes beyond professional duty – we genuinely love and provide the utmost attention to your family member, just as we would for our own. Rest assured, your loved one will receive the heartfelt care and support they deserve, creating a nurturing and loving environment they can call home.


With your loved ones’ relaxation and enjoyment in mind, our thoughtfully designed common areas provide a true home away from home. The living room embraces them with a cozy fireplace and plush seating, perfect for chair yoga, socializing, and engaging activities. Our fully-equipped kitchen is a chef’s dream, featuring modern appliances and all the essentials for preparing scrumptious meals.

Gatherings and shared dining experiences are a delight in our spacious dining area that comfortably accommodates up to eight people, with the option of additional seating available on the charming outdoor deck. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, our lake house offers a serene environment, enriching your loved one’s daily life. Come and experience the perfect balance of comfort, care, and scenic views at our lakeside retreat.

Outdoor Recreation

Embracing the tranquility of nature, we curate a diverse array of activities at our assisted living and memory care facility, tailored to cater to your loved ones’ individual interests and abilities. The day begins with the refreshing Morning Lakeview Exercise, where residents can savor the fresh air and gentle morning sunshine while exercising and stretching outside.

This serene setting fosters a sense of peace and connection to nature, promoting overall well-being. Scenic picnics by the lake offer a delightful opportunity for alfresco dining, creating cherished moments during casual lunches with friends and family visits.For green thumbs, our Gardening Club provides a chance to nurture plants and flowers amidst the calming waterscape, adding a sense of achievement and joy to their lives. Art and Craft Workshops become even more inspiring against the breathtaking lake view, allowing residents to unleash their creativity and create masterpieces inspired by nature’s beauty.

Outdoor Exercise Classes merge fitness with nature, offering gentle workouts and stretching sessions against the calming backdrop of the lake. Engaging Music and Entertainment Events are held outdoors, with live performances, sing-alongs, and storytelling sessions adding to the serene ambiance.Our lakeside setting becomes a perfect venue for Social Gatherings and celebrations, fostering a sense of community as residents come together, share laughter, and build cherished memories. The beauty of our lakeside location truly serves as a source of inspiration and joy, enhancing the lives of our residents with moments of connection to nature and each other. We take pride in creating a nurturing environment that encourages them to embrace the outdoors, creating lasting memories and experiences that enrich their daily lives.